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1. General Questions

I'm able to log in to the live system but I don't have any roles.
Everyone with an Oxford Username can log into OxCORT, undergraduate (and visiting) students should automatically be given the student role, but other people will need to have a role assigned to them before they can do anything in the system. Those with the Tutorial Office, Senior Tutor, Organising Tutor and Course Director role can authorise anyone (apart from most undergraduates) with an Oxford Username to act as a Tutor. If you are a tutor and think you should be authorised as such in OxCORT, please contact either your Organising Tutor or your college's Tutorial Office (NB: the latter's email address will be in the format tutorials@[collegeshortname] to ask for authorisation.

College roles (Organising Tutor, Senior Tutor, Tutorial Office) in OxCORT can only be setup by someone with the Tutorial Office role at that college. If no one at your college seems to have the Tutorial Office role, please contact
How do I log in to OxCORT?
You log in using your WebAuth login and password (the login name and password you use to access Webmail). Everyone with a University Card is entitled to a WebAuth login and password.
What should I do if I have forgotten or lost my password?
Please go to
Why does hitting the back button lead to the message that this page has expired?
The reason this happens is that nearly all pages in OxCORT are displayed in response to some action being performed, or some information being submitted. They are not just fixed pages that you can visit in any order. The browser is therefore cautious about displaying them out of sequence. You are probably using Internet Explorer and moving backwards and forwards through OxCORT pages using the navigation buttons, e.g. the 'Back' button. It is recommended that you avoid using these navigation buttons when in OxCORT and always move about by going to and from the Main Menu. If you find this message for any other reason click Refresh in the Browser; if that does not work, press shift and click Refresh; and if that does not work click Back until you hit something you recognize. It is essential to save your work frequently and always before moving to another page.
How is OxCORT backed up?
The OxCORT database is fully backed up daily to the HFS (Hierarchical File Server) with a 31 days (1 month) retention period.
How long is the information in OxCORT retained?
What is the XRNLI number on each OxCORT report?
This is a unique identifier for each report on the system. It is created when a Tutor creates a report and is intended to allow users to identify a particular report quickly and easily.
How can I make a suggestion to improve OxCORT?
If you wish to pass feedback to the OxCORT team, please email
Does OxCORT cover graduate reporting?
No, except for BCL and MJur students. Graduate reporting is covered by GSS, the Graduate Supervision System.
Does OxCORT replace face-to-face meetings with Tutors?
No. We expect that most Colleges will give students access to their reports only after meeting with their Tutors.

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2. Personal Details Questions

Will my bank details be safe?
Yes, OxCORT is hosted on a secure server (as indicated by the "https" in the URL). To check that your details and any information entered into OxCORT are secure, look for the padlock symbol on the right hand side of the address bar in your browser. If you prefer, you may submit your banking details directly to the Tutorial Office, who will transfer them to the college's payroll system.
Do I have to give my own bank details if all tutorial payments go to my College?
No, as long as you choose 'Pay my college (stint)' you will not be required to enter any bank details.
Do I have to give my date of birth?
The "date of birth" field may be left blank as long as you supply your NI number.
Do I have to give my gender?
You do not have to give your gender unless you wish to submit reports using the 'Pay me directly' payment method, in which case this information will be required by Inland Revenue.
How do I know that my personal details have been accepted by OxCORT?
Ensure that you have ticked the box to confirm "This form is complete" and that you receive a confirmation message "Details updated successfully". You will not be able to submit reports unless the personal details form has been completed.

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3. Tutorial Office Questions

I have accidentally removed my Tutorial Office role. How can I get it back?
If a colleague in the Tutorial Office has a TO role, they can reinstate you using either 'Point Edit User Accounts' or 'Bulk create User Accounts.' If there is no-one who can reinstate you, contact
To which terms do the report count buttons on the Main Menu refer?
The report count buttons for 'Not Edited', 'Created', 'Submitted', 'Approved' and 'Refused' reports indicate the total number of reports in these states since OxCORT began. The report count buttons for 'Processed' and 'Completed' reports show that number of reports for the current term only. Please use the 'Report Search and Selection' screen if you wish to access 'Processed' or 'Completed' reports from previous terms.
We have uploaded the data for Bulk Create Student Records but cannot see anything under View Tutorial Arrangements.
If any of the usernames are incorrect or mis-typed in the .csv file, or if you have included a username for a student that has left the University, none of the file will be uploaded. Instead, OxCORT will produce an error message giving you the offending usernames in red. You will need to correct or remove the incorrect username(s) from the csv file and then upload the entire file again. Make the changes in the original source of the file and then re-export the csv file to ensure the same error will not be produced at a later date.
What should Tutorial Offices do if the undergraduate information in OxCORT is incorrect (wrong Programme of Study, wrong year etc)?
Undergraduate information on OxCORT is updated nightly with the latest data from OSS (Oracle Student System), so if it is incorrect you should notify Student Information Systems (SIS).
What happens if a Tutor does not have an Oxford username?
From December 2004, all new University Card-holders are automatically issued with a WebAuth account. The details, including an "activation code", are sent via the University internal post and should arrive within two working days of the card being issued. If the Tutor has a University card but does not think they have an account they should contact

Tutors who aren't members of the University must be sponsored for Virtual Access status by a college. To apply please go to: and then download and print out "Application Form VA". When filling in the form please indicate that you are applying for Virtual Access status for that person so that they can use OxCORT, and be sure to include an email address for the virtual user.

Please send the completed form to:

University Card Office,
Examination Schools,
High Street,
Oxford, OX1 4BG.

If you have any queries about the form, please contact the University Card Office by email:; or by telephone: 01865 270576
Can Tutors claim for setting collections via OxCORT?
No. Please see the guidance provided in the Frequently Asked Questions for Tutors, entitled "Can I claim for setting collections?"
How does a Tutor claim for marking collections via OxCORT?
Tutors should enter the number of collections they have marked into the box labelled 'Collection marking claimed for this report' before they submit the report. Tutors can also claim for marking part of a collection. See entering collections data on OxCORT for further information.
How does OxCORT handle Medical Sciences exchange teaching?
If FHS Biomedical Sciences, FHS Physiological Sciences and FHS PPP teaching has been delivered within the Medical Sciences exchange scheme, tutors should select the payment rate 'No payment' against the group size and hours, the payment method 'Pay my College/Stint' for the report as a whole, and then select the college against which the stint is to be recorded. When the tutor's college generates the stint report, this teaching will be taken into account.
What is the procedure for the Saïd Business School?
In most cases the tutorial teaching provided by members of faculty will be delivered as part of College stint. Tutors should therefore report it accordingly on OxCORT as Pay my college/stint. If tutors have a college stint and believe that their tutorial teaching should be counted under their School stint, they should notify their Academic Area Heads at the School.

A few members of faculty provide tutorial teaching from School stint, essentially where they have no College stint. In those cases, tutors should set the billing option on OxCORT to pay my department - Management. Similarly, all others providing teaching for the School (such as doctoral students, departmental lecturers, external lecturers or similar) should also record pay my department - Management. If direct payment is owed to tutors for these courses, payment will be initiated by the Academic Planning Office at the Said Business School, not via OxCORT.
Which Tutors need to enter personal and banking details?
Tutors who wish to be paid directly by a College, and not as part of their stint.
Can Colleges use OxCORT for their visiting students?
Yes, as long as the student has a record in OSS and a WebAuth username.
Does OxCORT cover BCL and MJur teaching?
OxCORT does not show a deadline for report submission (usually the end of 7th week). How can college administrators send a group email reminder to all Tutors who have set up reports for the current term?
Senior Tutor and Tutorial Office users can send an e-mail by going to the "View or process tutorial reports" page and searching for all non-submitted reports using the search filter for "Report State" e.g. "Not yet Submitted". These reports will be shown on the page. Then click the "Select All" button followed by clicking on the "email" button. This will take you to an E-mail page on which you can tick the checkbox that says "tutors", the email will get sent to all the tutors connected with the reports you have previously selected. You can confirm who these are by scrolling down to the Email Addresses section, and it will list all the tutors who the email will be sent to if you check the "tutor" box. Note you can also contact the Organising Tutors (and/or students) related to the selected reports in a similar way. There are boxes for the email "Subject" and contents for you to fill in as desired.
What is the procedure for an external Tutor (such as a graduate student) who is not from the UK, and doesn't have a National Insurance number, but needs to claim direct payment in OxCORT?
The Tutor will need to apply for a NI number. However, this process takes at least eight weeks. In the meantime, College Tutorial Offices should issue paper forms to those without a NI number.

In the past, some Tutors in this position will have been issued with a temporary NI number of the form TN 11 11 11 X. This practice is now obsolete, and no new temporary NI numbers will be issued, but Tutors with a temporary NI number can still use it on OxCORT whilst awaiting a permanent NI number.

Tutorial Offices will obviously wish to identify any graduate Tutors who may need to apply for a NI number as early in the term as possible. There are three ways to identify those tutors who are graduate students:
1. Using the 'Search for People' facility and entering the Tutor's username will yield their status (i.e. 'postgrad')
2. Use the 'Tutor Category' filter on the Report Search and Selection screen to find tutors who are graduate students. 3. Select a set of reports, then click on 'Export' and ask for 'Tutor status' among the exported fields. This produces a CSV file, which can then be sorted and filtered in a spreadsheet. Specifically, sorting the 'Tutor status' column will bunch all the graduate students together.
Why are the usernames of some students not accepted as valid by OxCORT?
OxCORT identifies students as valid if they have an associated programme of study of the type Undergraduate or VRO (Visiting, Recognised or Other), or any of the special cases BCL, M JUR or M Th. OxCORT receives its information regarding a student's programme of study from OSS. This data is refreshed daily so at the moment there is a small delay in up-to-date student information being displayed in OxCORT. Corrections to student data should be notified to the Student Information Systems (SIS) section via the normal College route using the Change of Circumstances form.

Information held in OSS can now be viewed using Data Views. More information can be found at

How can Tutors claim payment for teaching a student at the start of a term, if the student subsequently suspends before the end of term (and therefore no longer has a valid POS code)?
In these cases reverting to the paper system is the best course of action. However, if the tutor created the report forms prior to the student suspending they will still be able to submit them and consequently claim for payment. As such, tutors should be encouraged to create report forms as early as possible in the term.
I've refused a report by accident. How do I alter the status?
By ticking the box next to the report and pressing "Undo Payment Decision".
How can I delete a report?
For reports in the 'Not edited' or 'Created' stage, tick the box underneath the report labelled 'This report should be permanently deleted'. If the report has got further than the 'Created' stage you will need to undo each decision made so far. For example if the report has been approved you will need to 'Undo Payment Decision'. If a report has reached the completed stage, it cannot be deleted.
Do 'hours to come' and 'hours missed' count towards payment/stint?.
The hours to come and hours missed fields are subset of those claimed for; they are not counted in addition. So, any hours to come should be entered in both the total counts for each group size and the "to come" field. Only the total counts for each group size are used to determine stint/payment. The "to come" and "hours missed" fields are for information only.
How can I ensure that a tutor is paid at a certain percentage of standard rate?
Please see this document which describes how OxCORT calcuates percentages of standard payment rates.

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4. Tutor Questions

What happens if I no longer have an Oxford username?
Tutors need a current WebAuth username to access OxCORT. If you are leaving Oxford, you should ensure all reports related to your teaching are completed and submitted before your username expires, since no one else will be able do this on your behalf. If you are planning to continue to teach but are no longer eligible for a University card, your college or faculty can sponsor you for Virtual Access status. The form to apply for Virtual Access can be found at
Is it necessary to make hard copies of the reports in OxCORT?
It is not necessary, but Tutors may wish to export PDF copies of reports for their own records. Data on the number of hours taught to each student (with no report text) can be exported from OxCORT as a CSV file.
What should I do if I realise that I have made a mistake in a submitted report?
If you have made a mistake in a submitted report, email the Organising Tutor for that student or the Tutorial Office (using the links in the report form) explaining the error. The report can be returned to you for correction unless it has already been processed for payment.
Why do I get an error message when I try to create a report form for one or more of my students?
If you get an error message, you should first check that the username of the student(s) referred to in the report is correctly entered. If you are sure that the username is correct, confirm that you have correlated the student with the correct POS. If you are certain that both the username and the POS are correct, email the student's College. The Tutorial Office may need to check that the data entry for this Student Record is correct.
Which payment method should I use?
When you complete the 'Change Payment Details' screen, you are asked to select a default payment method, though you can overwrite this when you complete each report on the 'Report Viewing and Editing' screen. The options are:

Pay my college/stint - If you are a Tutorial Fellow or a Stipendiary Lecturer employed by a college, you are required to teach a certain number of hours per week in return for your salary. This required number of hours is your 'stint'. Please select this option to ensure that your teaching is counted towards fulfilment of your stint. In the case of joint Tutorial Fellowships, you should additionally select the appropriate college from the drop-down list next to the wording 'My college is' for each report that you complete through the 'Report Viewing and Editing' screen.
You should also choose the Pay my college/stint option for exchange teaching, together with the 'No payment' payment rate.

Pay me directly - Please use this method for individual payments made to you personally, such as those from colleges other than your own. External tutors should also choose this method.

Pay my department - This option is only relevant in the case of departmentally-organised classes which have been approved by the Senior Tutors' Committee, and which are listed in the Register of Approved Payments which can be found on Documents page. Please check the current list of authorised departments when making claims for departmental teaching. Please note that this payment method is not suitable for ULNTF staff.

Pay by ULNTF - If you are a University Lecturer who is not a Tutorial Fellow but you have chosen to become a ULNTF (University Lecturer with no Tutorial Fellowship), you will have agreed to teach a certain number of hours per week for colleges in return for your salary. To ensure that your teaching is counted towards fulfilment of your agreement, please select one of the two 'pay by ULNTF' methods. The option 'Pay by ULNTF (new regs)' is for those who are employed under the new regulations scheme. The option 'Pay by ULNTF (old regs)' is for those who are employed under the old regulations scheme, which is closed to new members. See guidelines for old regulations ULNTF tutors for further information.

I do not require payment - If payment for your teaching is to go to a faculty, department or institute which is not authorised to use the 'Pay my department' payment method, please select this method and notify your departmental administration team. You should also select this method for any teaching done gratis.
What about payment methods for the Saïd Business School?
In most cases, the tutorial teaching provided by members of faculty will be delivered as part of College stint. You should therefore report it accordingly on OxCORT as Pay my college/stint. If you have a College stint and believe that tutorial teaching should be counted under your School stint, please notify your Academic Area Heads as early as possible.

A few members of faculty provide tutorial teaching from School stint, essentially where they have no College stint. In those cases please set the payment method on OxCORT to I do not require payment. The School will continue to bill colleges in these cases. All others providing teaching for the School (such as doctoral students, departmental lecturers, external lecturers or similar) should also record I do not require payment and the School will again continue to bill in these cases.
How can I claim for teaching a student in more than three different sizes of group larger than three?
If you have tutored a student in many different large group sizes, for example, once in a group of 6, once in a group of 8, once in a group of 10 and twice in a group of 12 , you will need to submit two separate tutorial reports, as OxCORT can only record up to three different group sizes larger than three on a single report.

You do not need to write the report itself twice, but in the second report simply refer to the XRNLI number of the first one (e.g. .This report is supplementary to XRNLI no. xxxxxxx.). While this may seem slightly cumbersome, it should be seen as a reflection of the general principle that tutorials are by definition small group teaching, and that OxCORT has not been designed for large group teaching patterns.
How can I claim for marking collections?
If you know you will be marking a collection next term for a student whom you have taught this term, you should enter the number of scripts (usually 1) in the box marked 'Collection marking claimed for this report' on the left of the report screen. This must be done before you submit the report. Collection marks remain editable after the report has been submitted. Please enter the mark for the collection as soon as you have marked it.

If you are marking a collection for a student whom you have not taught, or if the arrangement for marking collections was made after you submitted your report, then you will need to create a new, separate report. See entering collections data on OxCORT for further information.
Can I claim for setting collections?
OxCORT does not support claims for setting collections. You will need to contact the relevant Tutorial Office to make a claim. Please note that a claim for payment will only be considered if it is essential to devise a collection from scratch rather than using previously published questions.

The Register of Approved Payments (2008-9) provides the following guidance: "Where papers have had to be devised specially for the occasion a fee of one-third of the single hourly rate is paid. One fee is payable, however many pupils sit the Collection. Claims should be processed outside the OxCORT system by direct application to the college concerned."
Can OxCORT link the teaching delivered to a particular paper?
When a Tutor creates a new report, the Tutor can enter the Paper title into the 'topic' field.
How many lines can the main text of the report contain?
There is a maximum of 40 lines per report.
How can I claim for a 3rd year FHS project?
Please consult the Special Arrangements section of the Senior Tutors' Register of Approved Payments to determine the correct number of hours that you can claim, since this varies by subject. Then fill out one report for each student, claiming that number of hours (for group size 1), putting 'FHS Project' in the topic title, and choosing the method of payment and rate that is most appropriate. If authorisation to use a payment rate other than standard, higher, higher + 50%, ULNTF or no payment has been arranged, please choose the rate 'Other'.
Having created a report without details of the topic I am planning to teach, is there a way to add it subsequently, or to change an incorrect topic title?
Currently there is no way to edit these details, though this suggestion has been noted for future OxCORT development.
Can I give a percentage for exams in reports?
There is no specific field in OxCORT to add percentages (or other marks such as α and β) but they can be added to the body of the tutorial report text.
How can I delete a report?
On the 'Report Search and Selection' page select the report and press Delete on the Action buttons below.How can I find out how many hours I have worked?
There are two ways by which Tutors can obtain data on the hours they have worked. By using "Manage payment claims" you can see your hours of teaching for each term, listed by College (and a total) as a webpage. Alternatively from the "Report Search and Selection" page you can export report data. As long as you tick the "attendance" in the selection criteria box, the hours will come out in the export (csv) file.
Why, at the end of Trinity term, are students for whom I was previously able to create reports no longer in the system?
Reports can only be created for students classed as "ENROLLED". At the end of their final year, OSS will list students as "COMPLETED" (i.e. graduated) It is therefore good practice to create reports as soon as possible.

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