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OxCORT will be operational until Michaelmas Term 2021

OxCORT Shutdown

IMPORTANT: OxCORT will remain operational during the 2020/21 academic year.

The go-live date for the Teaching Management System(TMS), the OxCORT replacement system, has been postponed to Michaelmas Term 2021. Further details will be provided in due course.

If you'd like to discuss this, please speak with your registrar / administrator, or email tmsproject@it.ox.ac.uk.
For more information about TMS, please visit: https://projects.it.ox.ac.uk/edu-it-tms

Welcome to the Oxford Colleges On-line Reports for Tutorials system. These pages provide an overview of the system, links to related documentation and contact information.

Michaelmas Term 2020: Final Register of Approved Payments 2020/2021:
The Final Register of Approved Payments for 2020/2021 is now available via the Quick Links below. Older versions of the Register are available on the Documents page.

Pay my department
Please see information on the 'Pay my department' payment method when making claims for departmental teaching.

OxCORT downtimes
The OxCORT server will occasionally be taken down without prior warning on Tuesday mornings between 8.00 and 9.00 a.m. . This will allow us to carry out upgrades, system patches and maintenance at a pre-established time. Such downtimes will not take place in weeks 7, 8 or 9 of each term. Many apologies for the inconvenience.

In the first instance please contact your college's Tutorial Office for Tutorial Office Training. Your Organising Tutor or your college's Tutorial Office can be contacted for all other OxCORT training needs. For further guidance please contact the OxCORT User Group. OxCORT manuals can be found on the Documents section of this website. If you encounter any difficulties please contact oxcort@admin.ox.ac.uk . For further information on Student Systems training please visit the Student Systems website. Please visit the Staff Gateway for other training & development needs.

Please contact your college's Tutorial Office for advice on how to use the system, apparent issues with data, enquiries about payments and so forth. They will also be able to assist with access requests and setup. If the system is not working, or you have any similar technical issues, or you are a College Tutorial Office with a systems issue you cannot resolve, please contact oxcort@admin.ox.ac.uk Please note that it is important that you retain access to the system for your Tutorial Office (TO) role staff, as setting up new users centrally, although possible, is a slow and resource-intensive process.

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About OxCORT

OxCORT is a web application for the collection and processing of tutorial reports for undergraduate teaching. The name "OxCORT" is an acronym for "Oxford Colleges On-line Reports for Tutorials".

OxCORT is maintained and supported by the Student Systems Support Centre.

Live System

Payment information for tutors

Payments to individuals: Payment for external tuition made to an individual who is not in the employment of the College concerned has, since 6 April 2006, been paid without deduction of PAYE income tax. Even though you may be employed by the University or another College, HM Revenue and Customs will classify you as self-employed for external tuition payment purposes. (To register as self-employed you must complete form CWF1 which may be obtained from the HMRC website.) With effect from 6th April 2012, National Insurance Contributions are no longer payable on self-employed earnings. External Tutors are thus now treated as self employed for both tax and NI purposes. Parts of the Social Security (Categorisation of Earners) Regulation 1978 (SI 1978/1689) have been revoked, the consequence being that self-employed lecturers are no longer subject to the deduction of Class I National Insurance Contributions.

Payments to non-stipendiary retained lecturers: If you have a current retaining fee or non-stipendiary contract with the College you will be regarded as being a casual employee of the College. As such, PAYE and NI will be deducted in the normal way.

Payments to graduate students of the University of Oxford: If you are a graduate student of the University you will be regarded as being a casual employee of the College concerned. As such, PAYE and NI contributions will be deducted in the normal way. For this purpose you will need to complete a P46 tax form a copy of which may be obtained from the College for whom you are teaching. If you do not have a National Insurance number you will need to contact 0800 141 2075 to apply for an NI number.

Deadline for submitting reports: Tutors - please ensure that all reports are submitted by Friday of 7th week (see University term dates). Payments are made termly, and late claims will be processed at the end of next term.